Think about what unites us and what divides us

One day I found myself in the lounge of a hotel for business in a State affected by war…
I felt the chilling atmosphere of fear laid upon all those who were working at the place where I was. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read my previous articles, you may think I am associated with dubious business, but know that this will be never the case.

The business world has given me the opportunity to travel and meet men with hands-on experience in several countries. It was these experiences that have guided me in the journey of my thoughts, and it was from this experience that I have reached conclusions that led me to do what I do today for our world.
I decided to make my leading cause is human being because of what I was fortunate (or unfortunate) to live that day.
The forces were beating a few kilometers from the hotel. So much so that it became too dangerous to stay there. I began to feel an almost vital need to put myself safe as soon as possible, but I didn’t know where to go, not being safe anywhere.

I admit at that moment that the fear was taken me. Fortunately, armed men finally arrived, they quickly took control of the situation and they hurried to secure the area so I can overcome this situation. At that moment, I realized the nature of the life led by these people, people like you and me, that nothing would predestined to go to war.

The day before, I had the opportunity to dine with them, and here they come get me out of this emergency situation. They perfectly mastered things, but I could read in their eyes the suffering of their broken hearts … the vision of their own country, ravaged by bombs created by men for the benefit of others.
It is after this experience that I had a really big need to answer this question: how can we divide men based on religion or ideological issues? I needed to understand … So I continued, throughout my travels to meet these men who fight for their country.
These wars are justified on the principles of freedom and democracy.
Where is the freedom? Where did this democracy hide when every day children, women and men die? And then, where are those diligents of peace, with their beautiful speeches?
“Diplomats are useful only in good weather. As soon as it rains they drown in every drop.”
But somehow we are all accomplices because we allow this, because of fear of repression, lack of information, knowledge, or lack of perspective and global vision of the situation. That is why I advocate culture and knowledge before all else. Knowing that we are all too young to die, no one has the right to sacrifice people for a cause or an ideology.
Today I want to honor these brothers whose name will remain engraved in my heart for my whole life, because I have lived through their stories and confidences the horrors of war.

I remain an enormous admirer of their human dignity because, despite their many losses, they continue to fight and walk straight. They have this pride to exist and fight for a cause they don’t master in its entirety but that seems fair for them.
Whether they are Shiites, Sunnis, Jews, Kurds, Christians, they are brothers and they always ate together. These men have retained certain humility in the face of adversity they face. And they had to deal with me, a stranger came out of nowhere, without any hesitation, they offered me a deep respect, and was never looking where I was or if I practiced a religion or not or why.
With these men I sat down, I drank tea and then we exchanged on the hardness of their lives, on the suffering of daily life. I liked this experience. I had the honor of dining with them, to immerse myself in their ancestral traditions. They offered me the best gift: their fraternal friendship and the opportunity to open my eyes to one of the realities of this world.
« During war, we often forget that the other, opposite, is made of blood and tears … »
‘Tsukasa Hojo’ The melody of Jenny.